Hitman 3 removes the Electrocution Phone

Hitman 3 removes the Electrocution Phone


Developer IO Interactive revealed that Electrocution Phone will be removed to increase the attractiveness of Hitman 3. The game will be released on January 20, 2021.

Electrocution Phone will no longer be on Hitman 3

IO Interactive is gradually revealing the content and features in Hitman 3, the last game in the hitman trio. You will continue to transform into agent 47 performing assassination missions in famous places around the world. In part 3, Agent 47 will go to Dubai, Dartmoor (UK), Berlin, Chongqing (China), Mendoza (Argentina).

It is worth noting that a useful device Electrocution Phone will be removed. Electrocution Phone has caused a lot of controversy in the gaming community. Many argue that it makes it less interesting to Hitman because it becomes too easy to destroy the target. This is a remotely detonated device designed from a smartphone. When the NPC picks it up and receives the call, it will be fatal.

Electrocution Phone is described in the game as follows: “A phone with a ringtone can be remotely activated. Anyone who answers the call will get an electric shock ”. The ringtone is the song Ave Maria. The danger of this remote killer device is that the victim is not immersed in water while he receives an electric shock.

IO Interactive will not let gamers use the Electrocution Phone anymore but have yet to announce a tool to replace it. Anyway, followers of the Hitman series still have many other weapons to carry out the assassination in the game. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, shovels, poison, ladders to the wall or other floor of an apartment. And a lot of widgets are available in the field.


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Agent 47 will disguise as many people in Hitman 3

It is known that the content of Hitman 2 will be released as DLC for Hitman 3. Specifically, if you purchase Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass DLC for Hitman 3, you will have locations and quests in the previous section. If you already have Hitman 2 then you won’t need to buy DLC anymore. You can download it for free from Hitman 3 provided it’s the same platform. For example, Playstation 4 can only be compatible with Playstation 4/5. Similar to Xbox series to Xbox.