Google Stadia shut down in-house studios, Jade Raymond left the company

Google Stadia shut down in-house studios, Jade Raymond left the company


Google announced the closure of in-house game development studios for Google Stadia and shifting resources through the development and enhancement of Stadia’s technical and streaming platforms.

The head of activities for the game development studios Google Stadia, co-creation Assassin’s Creed – Jade Raymond, will also leave the company after the above decision.

“With our focus on building on Stadia’s proven technology as well as strengthening our business partnerships, we have decided not to invest further in SG&E’s internal development team, In addition to short-term planning games, ”Stadia’s casino boss Phil Harrison writes in a blog post.

“In the coming months, the majority of SG&E teams will be transferred to new roles. We are committed to helping and assisting this talented team in finding suitable positions. ”

Google Stadia

Communication Google Stadia will continue to function as before, with free and paid services (Stadia Pro), but the new goal will be to help outside game developers and publishers take advantage of the platform’s technology, which, according to Harrison, “is the best way to build a long-term, sustainable business and help the sector thrive.”

“We are committed to the future of cloud gaming, and will continue our role in driving this sector forward,” he wrote. “Our goal remains to focus on creating the best platform for gamers and the best technology for our partners, bringing experiences to people everywhere.”

According to the Kotaku where to release the first information about Google Stadia change (before official announcement), said the closure of internal studios will affect the 150 staff here.