Get free 2 AAA copyrighted games for a while


On the app Epic Games are for gamers to own 3 copyrighted games for free. Football Manager 2020, Stick it to the man, Watch dogs 2.

Game license for free

Game license for free

Football Manager 2020 is sure the game’s content is about football. But in a different aspect compared to Fifa Online or Pes (Pro Evolution Soccer). That is the manager, you will be the coach, the team administrator that you love. You will enjoy the fun of team building, watching it grow every day of the season. Buying, selling, transferring players is also up to you. The knowledge gathered from the press, sports news will be applied by you at this time according to your own point of view.

Game license for free

Try your skills as a coach and team manager

You will be in control of your team, how you play. Adjust your player’s play style in-game like a real coach. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of football calmly. It’s the game’s money-eating point, it’s for football fans who are fed up with waving their hands and dancing their eyes to score goals on the pitch. Football Manager 2020 greatly expands the football fanatic experience. This game is developed by Sports Interactive, released by Sega on many platforms. Like PC, Nintendo Switch, …

Epic Games

Ray can read other people’s minds

Stick it to the man is an adventure game, puzzle game with horizontal perspective very popular from many years ago on NES. When you are familiar with first-person and third-person games. Try to play Stick it to the man to change position. Pictures in the game are picturesque style, characters have strange shapes. It was a little funny, a little scary. The game is designed with dark colors to increase the concentration and curiosity of the player.

You will play the guy Ray, Ray’s mission is to try to escape from a strange planet to return to earth. Support for this somewhat impossible quest. It was a long, neon pink spaghetti-like arm that grew from Ray’s head. This arm can read other people’s minds, move objects, … Ray researches around, captures information from other characters. But things are not so simple. There is a group of people who are always hunting and stopping Ray. You need a little bit of gaming skills in a horizontal perspective to escape.

3 free games

Watch Dogs 2 is now available for free on Epic Games

Blockbuster game Watch Dogs 2 unexpectedly free download on Epic Games. What a bargain for the gaming community. This is an action adventure game released by Ubisoft in 2016. The game combines the first and third perspective. You will play the role of hacker named Marcus Holloway working in the DadSec team. The team’s mission is to bring down the city’s advanced surveillance system. You can do this with your friends. Because the game has a multiplayer mode.

As of March 2020, this famous game has sold more than 10 million copies. The sequel to this series is called Watch Dogs: Legion. Expected to launch later this year. Watch Dogs is playable on three major platforms, PlayStation, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The time to download these 3 free games will expire on September 24, 2020.