Genshin Impact: An overview of Klee

Genshin Impact: An overview of Klee


Welcome to the character overview in the game Genshin Impact developed by miHoYo. Today we will learn about Spark Knight Klee.


Klee was a regular guest of the Xid Feng Knights cell, the master of explosives Mondstadt. People call it the Sun Run.



Normal Attack: Throws things that explode on impact. Attack explodes up to 3 times, dealing Fire element range damage.

Gravity: Consumes certain stamina, after the sound of shelling at enemies, dealing Fire elemental range damage.

Attack on Response: Condenses the power of fire, attacks from the air to the ground, damaging Fire element range.

Bounce Bomb

Elemental skills.

Bounce Bomb offers endless fun! Bounce Bomb will bounce 3 times consecutively, each time detonating, dealing damage to Fire elemental range. After bouncing for the third time, it will split into multiple Lightning. Lightning will explode after a period of time or after making contact with an enemy, dealing Fire elemental range damage. Initially had 2 uses.

Intense Sparks

Wrath skills.

Klee exerted full fire! During the duration, continuously summons intense sparks that damage surrounding enemies, damaging the Fire element’s range.

The Gift Of Degree

When Bounce and attack usually do damage, there is a 50% chance to create a Spark for Klee. Applying gravity consumes Sparkling Blossoms, preventing this strike of stamina, and increases damage done by 50%.

Infinite Sparks

Gravity after inflicting assault restores 2 points of elemental energy to all party members.

Full of Treasures

Displays Mondstadt regional specialties on the mini-map.

Rich materials for lifting

Ingredients # 1Lecture Of FreedomGuide Of FreedomThe Philosophy Of Freedom
Ingredients # 2Tutorial DrawingSeal DrawingProhibition Drawings
Ingredients # 3The Claw of Bac Phong

Bow destiny

The Continent Explosion

Palace of the first floor.

When attacking and casting the ability, there is a spark summoning rate to attack an enemy, dealing damage equivalent to 120% of the damage of Intense Spark.

Fragment of Fragment

Palace of the 2nd floor.

Bounce Bomb’s Flash will reduce enemy defense by 23%, lasting 10 seconds.

Specialist Klee

Palace of the 3rd floor.

Skill level of Bounce Bomb +3. Increases at most 15 levels.

Rabbit Bounce

Palace of the 4th floor.

If during the duration of the Intense Spark exists, it will create an explosion, dealing Fire elemental range damage with 555% attack power.

Palace of the 5th floor.

Skill level Intense Spark +3. Increases at most 15 levels.

Full Firepower

Palace of the 6th floor.

In the state of Intense Spark, all party members will be continuously restored to their elemental energy; 25 seconds after launching Intense Spark, all party members take 10% more Fire elemental damage.


Klee will have increased stats “increased Fire elemental damage” when breaking.

TimesLevel requiredMoraIngredients # 1Ingredients # 2Ingredients # 3Ingredients # 4
first2020,0001 Fracture of Fire3 Wind Straw Mushrooms3 Tutorials Drawings
24040,0003 Pieces of Fire Brain Code2 Eternal Flame10 Wind Straw Mushrooms15 Instruction Drawings
35060,0006 Fragments of Fire Code4 Eternal Flame20 Wind Straw Mushrooms12 Sealing Drawings
46080,0003 Pieces of Fire Brain Code8 Eternal Flame30 Wind Mushrooms18 Sealing Drawings
570100,0006 Pieces of Fire Brain Code12 Eternal Flame45 Wind Straw Mushrooms12 Prohibition Drawings
680120,0006 Code of Fire20 Eternal Flame60 Wind Straw Mushrooms24 Prohibition Drawings


Birthday: July 27.

Belonging: Tay Phong Knights.

Vision: Fire.

Bow destiny: Palace of the Four Diệp Thảo.

If we talk about the strongest member of the Western Knights to the guests drinking in Mondstadt, most people will refer to Representative Captain Jean, Captain of the Cavalry Kaeya or the mysterious nobleman Diluc. But there were also people who, while intoxicated, could see with their own eyes a red rider has leveled the mountain Vong Phong.

If you want to ask about this mysterious knight, I’m afraid you have to go to the cell of the Xishong Knights. And if the cell is empty, maybe some bad explosion is about to happen …

Klee is such a “dangerous person”, as an official member of the Xishan Knights, her fighting strength cannot be underestimated.

As for an overly energetic child like her, such destructive power is extremely formidable. Unlike Mondstadt’s other kids, the explosives are Klee’s favorite toy.

Character story

Character story 1

Three years ago, Klee was entrusted to Team Ky Tay Phong by his parents as a famous adventurer. Little Klee is like that with “white brother”, charming with “relatives” in Mondstadt.

Klee was merely curious and loving the outside world, especially explosive things. Under the protection of the Western Knights, she is able to stay away from evil and injury.

The young girl had a special relationship with the Tay Phong Knights. For Klee, being locked in a dungeon by Jean, either helping Amber renovate the Earl of the Rabbit, or researching new explosives …

They are all treasures she always keeps.


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