[Free Download] Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door on Epic Games until 11/26/2020

[Free Download] Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door on Epic Games until 11/26/2020


Elite Dangerous is a space flight simulation game, which is being freely downloaded by Epic Games right on their apps.

Elite Dangerous is a huge game about the gameplay and its surroundings. This is a space travel game, you can choose one of nine roles to join the game: transporting goods, trading and exploring travel, mining, being a mercenary or bounty hunter … you take on more than one role, as long as you are comfortable.

Elite Dangerous

Epic Games is giving gamers the free download of Elite Dangerous until 11/26/2020

In the role of a transporter, you will receive cargo, earn extra income, you will not need a good ship that can also practice this. The role of the explorer is perhaps the easiest and most enjoyable to play. You go out into space, search for planets that generate data of discovery, and sell them to space stations. Your spaceship needs to be equipped with a scanner to discover, some possible ships are Sidewinder, Hauler, Cobra, Lakon Type 6. The role of bounty hunter is for everyone. Just destroy someone else’s ship or the wanted NPC. You discovered the object from the scanner.

The spacecraft catalog has more than 10 ships for you to choose from. Eagle, Viper, Lakon Type 7, Federal Dropship, Anaconda … They are divided into 5 categories: multi-purpose, combat, and transport. Combat ships will be faster and more heavily armed than ships of the same size. Transport ships are slow to fly, have weak firepower, but can hold a lot of cargo. The parameters of each ship include size, speed, storage, armor, firepower, and cost (ranging from 32,000 to 146,000,000 CR).

Epic Games

Fans of space travel movies should download Elite Dangerous right away

The space station, the dockyard of the spaceships. It provides living space for astronauts, manufacturing goods. Ships stop at the station often to receive and return quests, shop, receive bonuses, refurbish ships, read news, sell maps … in general this is a place to exchange between players and update information, Equipment. The space station also has a self-defense system against criminal intrusions. To enter the space station, you need to request a dock, receive a number, and issue a response.

The faction in Elite Dangerous, the commander will build a reputation for good and bad depending on how each player plays. There are 5 levels of factions you need to know: Allied, friendly, neutral, unfriendly, and hostile. You enter one of the three factions Federation, Empire and Alliance in this game.

Elite Dangerous

The Elite Dangerous game is being available for free download by Epic Games

There are a lot of equipment and weapons to shop for, it will take a lot of time if you try out all the equipment. Cargo Rack, the smallest resource container is 2 tons, the largest 256 tons, depending on your budget and your mining plan that you buy reasonably. Fuel Tank for the ship’s fuel tank, you can upgrade the capacity up to 32. Military Grade Composite, your ship’s armor is stronger. The Turret is an automatic weapon, there are many types of Turret such as Pulse Laser, Burst Laser, Fragment Cannon … This Kinetic is a weapon that deals a lot of damage to armor but is very weak when fired on the shield. Therefore, experienced players will use the Energy weapon to destroy the shield first and then hit the armor with Kinetic later.

The game has a first-person view, a view from the cockpit, a third-person view from the back, of course looking from the outside to admire your ship. The graphics are stunning without having to play, the sound is quite quiet, except for the speeding or fighting trains. Overall good visuals. If you love the subject of the universe. Fascinated movies Interstellar, Alien Series, Arrival, Passengers can not ignore this game, especially when it is free (save nearly 600,000 VND).

Frontier Developments is the developer and publisher of Elite Dangerous. The game is playable on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4/5.

The World Next Door is the second title to be free to download by Epic Games this week. The time lasts until 11/26/2020. You will play the role of a girl named Jun, who can move into the parallel world Emrys. However, she is stuck there and cannot go back, what if it was Jun? Accompanying you is Liza, a resident of the Emrys country.

Epic Games

Moving along the same color squares is Jun’s way to cast magic

This is a game of the genre, role-playing, puzzle. The way to fight is to move up the boxes of the same color to create pretty weird magic, like PopCap Games’ Bejeweled diamond arrangement game. The World Next Door is playable on Windows, Nintendo Switch. First launched in the market in March last year.

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