Epic Store will give away one game a day for free next week

Epic Store will give away one game a day for free next week


Promotion above Epic Store, starting on December 17th, it will be “opening” with … free games every day.

In this program, many popular games will receive a 75% discount, but that is not the reason why you read this article, right?

Instead of the weekly free titles, starting on the first day of the show, Epic Store will play a new title every day for free until the end of December – that means 15 titles will be available for free.

Note, you will only have 24 hours to receive the free game on that day. As soon as the clock scores the next day, the game will be changed and you will have no way of accepting the game from the previous day.

Last year, this store gave each person a $10 coupon for any game over $15, and for everyone you used up … you got another one, until … the promotion ends. forever.

There have been no specific announcements about a similar program so far, but it is more likely that this store will repeat it again because the same promotional tactic has been implemented both summer and back to the beginning of the year.

By the way, right now you can get it for free Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny on Epic Store.