EA staff sell FIFA Ultimate Team cards illegally?

EA staff sell FIFA Ultimate Team cards illegally?


According to messages posted on Twitter, an employee EA has been accused of selling cards FIFA Ultimate Team for “thousands of pounds”.

Specifically, the messages (unconfirmed) show that an employee of this game company is secretly selling Icon Cards for 750-1000 EUR, and even 1700 EUR for cards. Prime Icon Moments are especially rare.

The Idol Card is the card of legendary players like Ronaldo (Brazilian “fat”), Pele, Ronaldinho or Zidane’s Checker, and so rare that it is almost impossible for players to just open the “lootbox” box. is out.

The Star Moment is even rarer, when it is a special version marking the “life” match of legendary players.

Many people have “swung” thousands of boards to buy card packages to open in the search for these cards, and EA has been criticized for not revealing the exact ability to open an Idol card.

Player FIFA Ultimate Team argued that the ability to buy these cards directly from EA staff would destroy the balance of the economic system of the game, and also unfair to those who had to spend money searching for one-off cards. the right way.

EA said they are investigating the case.