Drawn to Life: Two Realms


Try Drawn to Life: Two Realms – What if one day you wake up, be told that you are a “hero of salvation” and have to shoulder the future of the two worlds?

However, you are not a “protagonist” but simply a puppet, a machine born to serve as “saving the world”.

But can a puppet live and be happy in another person’s story?

The third installment in the series Drawn to Life Name Drawn to Life: Two Realms will probably tell you the answer.

Let’s learn more with Vietgame.asia through the version Try Drawn to Life: Two Realms later.


More than 13 years ago, the game Drawn to Life first debut, bringing a new and enchanting world with the journey of “hero” and Mike – human boy accidentally trapped in the village of Raposa after an accident.

Then the hero and Mika hear about Wilfre – a metamorphic Raposa who has the thought of opposing the Creator to free the Raposans without regard to the consequences that they cause that can destroy all worlds.

However, defeating Wilfre is not the end of the whole story when the darkness and dark monsters are still there.

So once again – through the Book of Life, Mari – the 8th village chief of the Raposa once again asks the Creator to bring the hero back and save the world with her.

Save Mike’s world, save Mari’s world, write an end to a long journey, all of that burden will rest on the shoulders of a senseless puppet – you.


Not suddenly but in the name of Drawn to Life: Two Realms Again, the word “drawn”.

Originally, the game was designed on the Nintendo DS, and gameplay revolved around using a stylus to solve any problems in your adventure.

So Drawn to Life: Two Realms still keep somewhat of tradition from the seniors, but instead of using the stylus, instead of … mouse and key.

The game almost streamlines the “drawing” part of character design with a pixel color palette, thousands of stickers, costumes, decorative items, and all kinds of accessories to help your character look its best (or … weird ).

And if you are a person in appearance?

It’s okay, you will show your skills in the screen design.

There are many ways to end a game, but arranging how to get the most points requires a fair amount of “brainpower” of you.

Try Drawn


Through the village Try Drawn to Life: Two Realms shows that this is a “good” game, but compared to the game that inherits the name and was released 11 years ago, “not enough” to receive a “WOW” from the writer.

The game has improved in terms of graphics, but the motion performance is somewhat inferior to the predecessors, let alone the titles released at the same time.

The human world was made rather hastily, sparsely populated, and surprisingly lifeless when similar buildings were lined up, with a heap of mirrored plants lined up in a hurry!

And except for Mike’s scooter, there are no vehicles or people moving on the wide concrete roads …

With an adventure game that the environment is “depressed” like, except going straight to the mission to quickly run out of the game, there is nothing “holding back” you go around exploring at all.

However, the plot Try Drawn to Life: Two Realms is a bright spot, though not explained too much but enough to make you curious to continue “to see how it ends”.

The game animation is quite cute and the sound is good too.

Try Drawn

When is it released?

Drawn to Life: Two Realms is expected to be released on December 7 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS platforms.

All latest information about the game will be updated on the publisher’s homepage.