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Darkest Dungeon –For those who are passionate about horror, regardless of whether it is from movies or stories, the name “HP Lovecraft” must not be strange anymore.

Originally an author who did not have much time when he was alive, but today, the horror works of HP Lovecraft have become a supernatural phenomenon, loved by many readers, even as background. the foundation of a fictional universe called “Lovecraftian”.

The horror films adapted or inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft also have a separate category, called “Cosmic Horror” (cosmic horror).

In this world, humans are just weak beings, unable to oppose the absolute power of horrible entities with fangs, venom, tentacles … coming from other dimensions.

Signature so, of course, is no less of video game “eat by” theme Lovecraftian this, whether it is “applied mechanically” or borrowed context a bit (like RPGs Grim Dawn or Bloodborne such ).

Undeniably, with its bizarre setting, disgusting monster atmosphere and creation, Lovecraftian-style products are more or less picky – but this only adds to the enchantment. Only the mystique of this unique subject.

Referring to the Lovecraftian games and the most successful success, it is impossible not to mention Darkest Dungeon – an extremely quality game and no less “evil” from Red Hook Studios.

Although this is a game that has been released for a long time, but if it is a good game, there is no reason to distinguish the old one, especially if it can be “popularized” for it by many players. coming over?

So, what kind of game is Darkest Dungeon, or how good is it?

Please read with MarkGame.net to learn through the following review.



The plot in Darkest Dungeon revolves around a monstrous rich man, whom the game is called “The Ancestor” (ancestor).

Having so abundant in money that he could not spend his whole life, but this hand still feels empty life despite surrounded by good wine, beautiful girls.

Then (like every character in the Lovecraft universe) one day, he heard strange voices echoing in his head, urging him to find the secret hidden underneath this mansion.

Spending all his fortune digging for a maze just below the family manor, The Ancestor finally found a spooky portal into an ancient shrine that had been buried for centuries.

And (as is every episode in Lovecraft) a horrible entity awakens, kills the miners and fills the body of The Ancestor.

Conscious of his foolish actions, before being completely possessed mentally and physically by the evil entity, The Ancestor wrote a letter to the only remaining descendant of the lineage (that is (player), call on him to return to save his clan and stop the evil monster.

The Ancestor found a spooky portal into an ancient shrine buried for centuries.

However, life is not as calm as the Saigon River in the rainy season?

The player’s journey home was not smooth when the bandits were ambushed right in the jungle near the house.

While fighting and running, players find a poor, impoverished village in the outskirts, and this can also be seen as a “base”, a springboard for players to organize themselves a team before Deep into the forbidden areas, which have been transformed since the ancient evil forces were unsealed.


At its core, the main gameplay of Darkest Dungeon is an RPG, roguelike style, where each location in the game will have completely different structure and events each time it is played again.

Players in Darkest Dungeon will organize a team of 4 characters from many different professions, and each journey into the tunnels will have independent developments, making players have to calculate carefully if they do not want the whole team. was “sent off”.

Battles in Darkest Dungeon are turn-based, with squads of players and enemies lining up opposite each other.

Each unit in the game will have attacks with its own unique damage, effects, and attack range.

For example, there are attacks that only “with” up to the first 2 fields of the enemy, so of course it is completely useless to attack the units behind.

Therefore, the placement of the characters, as well as dominating the position of the enemy, is an extremely important factor in Darkest Dungeon.

The difference in the combat mechanism of Darkest Dungeon is also in the “morale” of the characters.

There are attacks that deal negligible physical damage, but drastically reduce a character’s mental stats.

The more demoralized the character is, the easier it is for the character to miss, get hit, or be fatal – and of course, also accompanied by unsettled mental expressions, mouth starts to babble … and make others well… crazy!

Although it is a roguelike game with room-by-room exploration, the Darkest Dungeon integrates many new mechanisms that make the game different from the majority of the same type.

Typically the “light” system in the game: by default, the dungeons are murky, dark, the player’s team must carry torches to illuminate the way.

The light will weaken and fade out, while the denser the night, the stronger the chance of spawning enemies, even “monsters”.

But, “risk more, eat more”, and in the dark, the rewards obtained from the enemy will be more and “genuine”, so with the Darkest Dungeon, players are always torn between two streams of thought: “play safe full “and” yolo dying “.

Darkest Dungeon integrates many new mechanisms that make the game different from the majority of the same type

Existing parallel with dangerous adventures in the dungeon, is the “trauma” from these “go far”, whether success or failure.

As mentioned above, the “morale” stat has a huge effect on the team’s fighting strength, and unfortunately there are very few ways for it to recover on its own.

Instead, players can take their characters to participate in “social” activities to “relieve stress and chill”.

However, each character has a very different way of relieving stress: from going to the pub to sip to playing cards … or “bouncing” rather than going … “kicking”, or “taking a selfie” with a whip. and candle wax (well …)

“In the mishaps, there is bad luck”, her grandparents taught not to be wrong, and with the Darkest Dungeon, after the life-changing journeys in the dungeon or the bad battles, the “sequelae” left are the intrinsic “extremely corny!

Characters in Darkest Dungeon everyone have two sides of light and dark, or in other words, their internal positives and negatives.

Negative “root” insights will sometimes turn your character into a dark guy who only humiliates his brothers, or is greedy despite the team’s safety.

These factors make the transformation when building teams in Darkest Dungeon more diverse and unique.


One of the most powerful impressions that Darkest Dungeon gives players, at first sight, is its extremely dark and monstrous graphic style!

It could be said that it was somewhere between “beautiful” and “bad”, but it strangely matches the context and gameplay of the Darkest Dungeon!

Its bizarre setting makes Darkest Dungeon choose a character design that mixes the dark medieval period, mixed with details of the modern age of the 20s and 30s (in the style of The Mummy movies. or Indiana Jones ).

That is reflected in the crusader warrior’s heavy armor, the Occulties ‘hood combo and the Occulties’ cloak, or the typical mask “crow beak” of the Plague Doctor …

All images in Darkest Dungeon are hand-drawn, combined with very thick and strict strokes, creating a very strong impression like the “dark comic” comic in America.

With the main color tones of black, red, mixed with the stained and dirty colors of white and yellow, everything in the Darkest Dungeon exudes the spooky, bizarre look of a chaotic, unstable world. , like always waiting to “bathe” everything in the blood …

The types of enemies in the Darkest Dungeon are even more bizarre, and they all have the characteristics of the environment in which they live.

For example, the bandits on the edge of the forest, most of them take the form of humans, except for a few monstrous “bosses” that are deformed (like in the manga Berserk ).

The sea monsters in the coastal temples are boldly shaped like fish and shrimp, with human anatomies, like the monsters in the movie Dagon or Pirates of the Curry (Davy Jones’s crew) …

All are perfectly coordinated together, both in terms of design, design and specific skill sets, highlighting the characteristics of each type.

The most powerful impression that Darkest Dungeon gives players at first sight is the extremely weird and dark graphic style!

In terms of animation, with a 2D game, Darkest Dungeon has done too well what needs to be done, in order to convey the feeling of fighting very “force”, without any frills and flowers.

All the attack scenes in the game are shown by still pictures that are cut and “stacked” in large numbers, accompanied by the alignment tactics, reasonable moves to create very powerful attacks, gore, but also extremely artistic and surreal.


Darkest Dungeon


Although interesting and attractive, but in Darkest Dungeon, apart from the topic “dirty, dirty” Lovecraft style and the dark, horror color, it is easy for the majority of players to “drift away”. from the game is the “terrible difficulty” that the game brings.

From the very first minutes, Darkest Dungeon players have implicitly understood that their journey will never be sweet and fragrant flowers, or convincing “suppressing trenches” …

Darkest Dungeon has a very “harsh” damage balance, with the enemy has a “dynamic” level of self-promotion with the player; Rarely does a player feel like launching attacks with “terrorist” damage.

Every match in Darkest Dungeon always ends with many injuries and “psychological sequelae” in the team of players, no matter how rationally they build a team or how carefully calculated.

With the Darkest Dungeon, battles are always the “arena” of bad effects, from poisoning, bleeding, weakness … to being stunned, crazy …

Darkest Dungeon

Therefore, the fact that the player has to balance the damage to finish the match quickly (well, the more I mentioned that the more “leisurely” hit in the Darkest Dungeon, the more will the enemy … pull out more?) must find a way to alleviate these bad states, which is always a headache in the game.

The difficulty is that, but the financial balance in the Darkest Dungeon is not “much easier”.

With a small amount of capital and spending on food, torches and other essentials, the average trip in the Darkest Dungeon is hardly profitable, unless the player recklessly turns off the lights. hunt for treasure or take your Antiquarian class character, with the “money hack” technique.

Not to mention that once going back, it takes a lot of money for the members to “eat, dance” or heal.

The dungeons in the Darkest Dungeon are divided according to the average level of the squad, and this makes the player have to consider carefully before plunging into the high-level tunnels.

This is evident by the way when a character is not qualified enough to the group, they will have statements like “No, stay away from me” or “Let’s go … be sure”.

Darkest Dungeon

This makes players have to “feed” a lot of teams, including different purposes and to alternate characters rest.

After all, Darkest Dungeon has a very high degree of punishment.

When a character runs out of blood, they do not die immediately but fall into a state of Death’s Door (death door).

In addition to a lot of stat drops, when in this state any damage taken has a death rate, causing the character to die instantly!

What makes the majority of players easy to “drift away” from the game is “terrible difficulty”

And the character in the Darkest Dungeon dies permadeath no matter what level it is, and there’s no way it can be recovered, a very distinctive roguelike style!

With the characteristics of endless dungeons with no stop, countless unexpected adverse events, and many indicators such as health, spirit, light, food … must be managed, truly one The adventure in Darkest Dungeon requires a lot of players, both careful, alert, as well as mentally relaxed, not too burdensome about losing!


  • Production:  Red Hook Studios
  • Released:  Red Hook Studios
  • Category:  Role-playing
  • Release date:  January 19 , 2016
  • Platforms:  PC, XBox One, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, Switch

  • OS:  Windows XP
  • CPU:  Dual Core 2.8GHz
  • RAM:  2 GB
  • VGA : Open GL 3.2+
  • HDD:  2 GB

  • OS:  Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU:  Ryzen R7 1700 @ 3.7 GHz
  • RAM:  16 GB
  • VGA:  Gigabyte Rx 560 OC 2GB
  • HDD:  Samsung 950 Pro 256GB



Darkest Dungeon is indeed a “wonder” in the roguelike game series, which is quite picky about the player.

Using a ghostly theme, haunting, “decadent” graphics and an “easy to distance” gameplay, Darkest Dungeon creates a huge, thick portal that separates itself from the rest of the world.

However, if you have overcome these obstacles, the value that the game brings is really great and worthy!