COME FOLLOW ME – The creepy story of the haunted Pokemon game (Part 1)

COME FOLLOW ME – The creepy story of the haunted Pokemon game (Part 1)


A mysterious but equally fascinating story revolves around the game Pokemon Red was released in 1996.

In February 1996, the game Pokemon Red was released in Japan. During this time, the mortality rate of the 10 to 15 year old group suddenly increased.

The cause of death was largely due to suicide. Children end their lives by hanging in their own rooms or jumping from above to the ground. However, there are some special cases where the victim tries to amputate the body part. Others try to put their hands or arms down their throats to suffocate themselves to death.

Among the unfortunate victims mentioned above, there are still a few lucky children who have been saved. However, these cases have abnormal psychological manifestations. When asked why they sought death, they responded with only mad screams and started scratching their faces. Nintendo’s Gameboy handheld console is believed to be the cause of these psychological instabilities. Gameboys were tried to be given to them, but these children did not react to the object they were holding. Strangely, as soon as the Pokemon Red was inserted into the device, these kids were extremely scared and tried to escape the room they were in.

This led local officials to believe that these video games were somewhat related to the other suicides. What causes them the most headache is that only a small group of people who have played this game have the same reaction as above. Police are forced to put Pokemon Red on suspects, because they are the only clues they have.

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They began to capture the victim’s video tapes for the investigation process. For a clearer view, the police force began to look to the people who developed this game. The first person they met was production manager Satoshi Tajiri. When told that his game could have been the cause of many suicides, Satoshi was annoyed and completely denied this theory. He then introduced the investigation team to the programming department, who are responsible for the game’s content.

The police immediately contacted Takenori Oota, a key member of the programming team. Unlike Satoshi, Takenori is a very quiet person. He asserted that it is impossible for a game to affect the player’s mentality. This is just a coincidence. Has nothing to do with his game. However, before leaving, Takenori revealed an important detail to the police.

The young programmer heard about a rumor regarding the game’s music. The soundtrack by Lavender Town, a location in Pokemon Red could make a few kids sick. Although this is just an unsubstantiated rumor, the police still decided to include it as a suspect.

Takenori then introduces the investigation team to Junichi Masuda, the father of the game’s tracks. Masuda said that he himself had heard about the rumors, however, no one has ever proven these to be true. To convince the police force, Masuda personally replayed the music in the game. After listening carefully, everyone in the room did not feel anything out of the ordinary. Looks like the investigation process once again goes to a dead end.

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Go back to the game tapes that the police recovered. They decide to experience this game for themselves with the desire to find some clues. Due to being forewarned about the rumor, the members of the investigation team were very wary during the game. They continue the unfinished play of the ill-fated victims to understand what drives them to death.

During the investigation, the police found a strange similarity between the victims. That the time they spend on this game is relatively low. Most people call their character “Red” or something quite simple. In particular, all of them only use one pokemon in the lineup. The investigation team realized that the soundtrack in Lavender Town could not be the cause of the suicides. Because there is no way for a person with little playing time and only one pokemon in the squad to be able to move to that area. This led the police force to conclude that whatever influences the psychology of the kids, it must be in the starting area of ​​the game.

The team decided to return to speak with the programming team. In the list of programmers involved in this project, the police suddenly found a name that caught their attention. Chiro Miura, a young programmer, committed suicide a few days after the game’s release. According to the lead programmer, Chiro is a mysterious person and does not have much contribution to the project. Even more surprising was that this person even asked to remove his name from the credits that appeared when the game ended.

While investigating Chiro’s apartment, the police found many notes scattered in the room. Most of them were torn or deleted by someone using a pen, making the words on it difficult to identify. In that mess, people found three small readable pieces of paper with the content respectively: “Don’t go in”, “Careful” and “Follow Me”. The investigative team has not been able to find a solution to those messages, but they firmly believe that they must have a connection. Expanding the investigation, the police also learned that Chiro had a close friend named Kohji Nisino. He is a member of the in-game map design team. Therefore, Chiro’s participation in developing Pokemon Red is likely due to his friend’s invitation.

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Since the game’s launch, Kohji Nisino locked herself in her apartment and cut off contact with everyone around her. He told his family and friends that he did so out of mourning for his late friend Chiro. This made everyone suspicious since Nisino had begun to confine herself in her room before Chiro’s suicide.

It took a lot of work for the police to approach and talk to Nisino. The guy appeared in a slap, eyes dark circles due to lack of sleep. Nails grow long and hair is messy due to not being washed for a long time. Nisino stammered to talk to the investigation team. Fortunately, he can still speak.

When asked if he knew of the Pokemon Red game-related suicides, Nisino was extremely reserved. He often chooses his words carefully before answering police. Nisino says that Chiro has an interesting idea he wants to include in the game. Something he wanted to try from the moment the project was announced. Nisino has an acquaintance with Takenori – the game’s chief programmer. Because of that, he could easily apply to his friend a place in Takenori’s team. It seems Chiro’s idea convinced Nisino to let him participate in this project. And so everything turned out as what the police knew.

At this point, the investigation team is confident that Chiro and the mass suicides must be related. They ask Nisino about Chiro’s idea, and why is he so desperate to include it in the game. Nisino says that his friend never gave him details, but he also learns that Chiro sort of wants to add a special Pokemon to the game. What will be completely different from other Pokemon. Chiro considers this a surprise gift for the player, believing everyone will be extremely excited to see it. However, this contradicts the information that the police have, because there is no way for victims with little playing time to catch Chiro’s Pokemon.

The police continued with questions for Nisino. The more he asked about Chiro, the more confused the young man became. It seemed Nisino was being suppressed by something inside, something he couldn’t dare say.

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The incident happened when the investigative team mentioned the paper samples found in Chiro’s room. Upon hearing this, Nisino started to panic, his mouth muttered a few words without words, and his hands trembled. Nisino bent down and pulled a black pistol from under the seat. He pointed it and the police and stumbled back a few steps. The boy desperately pointed the barrel of the gun to his face, his expression extremely scared.

“Don’t follow me…” Nisino hummed her last word before putting the gun in her throat. DAO !!! A trail of blood shot up the wall behind. Nisino died in amazement from the police force. His words before leaving are almost identical to the words written in Chiro’s apartment.

All hope now looks like an end. The game’s production team has also disbanded. This makes the investigation more difficult. As if there is some force preventing the investigation team from finding out the truth. When they reach out to the rest of the project, most of these people are solely in charge of character design or game graphics. There isn’t much to exploit from them. Most of these do not know the name Chiro. Some say they have seen Chiro a few times in the office, but that is all they know about him. The only thing the police learned, was that Chiro was actually involved in this game project.

A few months later, the child suicide rate here decreased significantly. It seems that the other game no longer affects the player’s mentality. Previously, the management company planned to recall the game tapes that are being sold in the market. But seeing these positive signs, they withdrew their intentions and continued to release the game. The police also began to believe Takenori’s words – that this was just a coincidence. Until they get that letter.

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During a walk on the street, a member of the investigation team encountered a woman with a sick appearance. Unexpected thing happened when she ran towards the policeman and slammed a crumpled letter into his hand. Before she disappeared into the crowd, she did not forget to remind the young policeman that this is a very important item. The policeman then brought the letter to the office and showed it to everyone.

This is a letter from Chiro. But it is safe to say that it was not written at your apartment, because otherwise the police would have found it. The recipient’s address in the letter was Nisino – who ended his life in the presence of the investigation team. The full part of the letter is a series of common questions about family and health. What interests the police are the words written below. It is about Chiro wanting to ask Nisino to apply for him as a programming position on the Pokemon Red game project.

Followed by lines was written quite scrawled. Chiro mentioned his idea, which he thinks no one has ever done in video games. Chiro added that the idea is not just revolutionizing the gaming market, but for everyone. Chiro uses a few simple lines of code, so the changes he makes are hidden in the game’s source code.

The letter was left halfway by Chiro. Without a promise or goodbye. The lower corner of the letter had the writer’s name – Chiro Miura.

This also pushed the police force into a dead end. Chiro added something very mysterious to the game’s source code, which they can be sure of. But that is all the police know at this point.