Cloudpunk is a game for people who like science fiction


Cloudpunk belongs to the genre of science fiction game, adventure discovery. A new console version was released on October 15, 2020.

In Cloudpunk the player plays the role of Rania, a delivery girl in the largest city in the world. The means of transport here are the Hova flying in the air. Through the deliveries, players will explore a city that the future of humanity can build. Still are skyscrapers and the frequent emergence of AI to serve human needs.


This sci-fi game is playable on console devices in October 2020

Cloudpunk is the name of the company that Rania works for, an illegal company. Rania was not allowed to open the packages and inquire about them. Just make a delivery according to the instructions of a man named Control. Ranie’s only relative is a robot named Camus that has always accompanied her online. In addition to driving Hova around, Rania can walk to explore the city, meet many NPCs and chat with them. Whether you take the goods and then deliver it or cancel it will affect the outcome of the game.

The game revolves around three characters Rania, Control and Camus. Control will guide Rania to the correct delivery address, Camus will “sniff” the package how Rania decides to cancel it or deliver it to the waiting customer. In addition, players can also earn money to upgrade Hova, redecorate their apartments. Conversations are central to the game, but Rania has no choice during the conversation. This is a huge minus point of this game. When he went to see the NPC, everything was arranged. The Cloudpunk experience is more like watching movies than playing games.

Configuration required for Cloudpunk

88% of over 3,800 people rate Cloudpunk very actively on Steam. Cloudpunk was first introduced to the market on April 23, 2020 on Microsoft Windows operating system. Half a year later, the game has expanded on console devices. It is Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One with the selling price of $8.11 in October 2020.