Can you Unbanned your beloved PlayStation?


In recent days many PlayStation 5 gamers have been banned from both their devices and accounts, just because they have taken advantage of a flaw in the Plus Collection package distribution policy. This raises the question of whether they can Unbanned their PlayStation or not?

Unbanned PlayStation

A lot of gamers want to Unbanned their PlayStation

It is not uncommon for the PlayStation to be banned because it has been around since the PlayStation 3 and Vita days. At that time the banned machine appears only when you intentionally unlock the device and are detected by Sony. By the time of PlayStation 4, Banned is divided into two banned Psn accounts (on PS3 and Vita machines, but less common because Sony’s fraud detection technology is rudimentary and the law still has many holes) and Banned machines. At this time, the ban on the server is mainly because gamers use the black credit card for profit.

Unbanned PlayStation

The PlayStation Collection package was the source of the incident

Now with PlayStation 5, this is re-occurring when many gamers want to use the machine to get the PlayStation Plus Collection package for gamers who cannot own the device early. This makes the series of machines with PSN accounts evaporated. Many gamers, after being banned, desperately find Unbanned for their expensive PlayStation 5 machine. However, in order to do what you will have to prove to Sony’s customer service department that you are innocent, this is an equally difficult thing to heaven because their side has been watching for a long time before making it. decide to ban a particular computer or account.

Unbanned PlayStation

Wanting to unbanned the machine is a difficult job

In the event that your PlayStation 5 is suddenly banned for no reason, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact Sony customer service directly (contact information differs depending on which region you are in).
  2. Then somewhere around 24 hours, you will be asked to provide proof of your innocence.
  3. Note that they can ask for many things such as bills of purchase, identification documents. In the case of the PlayStation Plus Collection package, you will need to prove that you own multiple PlayStation 4 or have multiple accounts.

After doing that, if you really do not have illegal profits, Sony will Unbanned your PlayStation in the next 24 hours. Besides this mainstream way, there are many other ways, but you need to change the hardware in the machine and the cost is no less than buying a new machine. So MarkGame encourages you not to take distractions into yourself for immediate benefits.