Building The Kingdom of Hamlyn in Minecraft

Building The Kingdom of Hamlyn in Minecraft


With Minecraft’s tools, gamers can completely build their own worlds. From recreating real-life landmarks to simulating other movies, games or simply building buildings according to your imagination, Minecraft is truly a magical world for every gamer.

However, to get works like that, players will have to spend a lot of effort and time. As the gamer below is an example. To build the castle with many surrounding neighborhoods, YouTuber Varuna had to spend a lot of effort.

[Minecraft Time-Lapse] The Kingdom of Hamlyn

According to Varuna, this work is called The Kingdom of Hamlyn. The map is medieval-inspired with Game of Thrones-style castles or Lord of the Rings.

The Kingdom of Hamlyn measures 700×700. In which, the area of ​​the main town is 300×300, the castle area and 2 other villages are 100×100. According to Varuna, this is just one of the four kingdoms he is building.

Unfortunately, since this is a project that is made up of our YouTuber guy, we can only reveal images and not share maps for the gaming community to download for testing.