Blizzard recruits staff for the new AAA, online game!

Blizzard recruits staff for the new AAA, online game!


Blizzard It was recently revealed that a new AAA multiplayer project is being developed for PC and other gaming consoles.

The game is described as possessing first-person shooting style, new generation graphics and a unique and creative art style.

According to Dan John Cox’s share from BlizzardThey are looking to fill 16 vacant positions to help with undisclosed project development.

New job list now Blizzard Description This is an ambitious game built by a newly formed small development team.

Through the description, the company is looking for 3D environmental artists with the ability to “create highly creative environmental art ideas, models and textures.” or the personnel responsible for designing combat mechanisms that provide “a broad, rich player experience with FPS and action games, both single-player and online.”

Present, Blizzard has yet to reveal any more of the above-mentioned game-related content, according to recent information, Diablo 2 Resurrected developed by Vicarious Visions will be added to many systems in the near future.