Blade and Soul 2 was released by NCSoft the following year


Along with another product, the game Blade and Soul 2 will launch gamers in 2021 according to the announcement from developer NCSoft.

Based on the 3rd quarter2020 revenue report, NCSoft is currently performing well with positive profit margins from its products. In the third quarter, the company had sales of 5.852 trillion Won. The company’s profits continue to increase and this creates a premise for the company to release super products next year. We will see the release of Blade and Soul 2 along with two other titles.

blade and soul 2

Blade and Soul 2 was released by NCSoft the following year

Originally, this game was introduced in 2019, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, the production progress of game projects has stalled. The Korean game company is pushing to kick-start the production process and will release the game in the first quarter of next year.

This is an MMORPG role-playing product inherited from the previous product. Players will experience the magical Eastern world of martial arts. There is no exception to the possibility that a mobile version will be developed later.

Blade and Soul 2 was released by NCSoft the following year

Blade and Soul is a Korean multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by NCSoft (Team Bloodlust). On September 13, 2012, the producer announced that the game will be released in countries in Western territories.

The game uses a 3-person real-time combat system and requires players to choose a target to launch a series of attacks. The game has many attractive PvE and PvP activities when there are many participants on the same large map. Blade and Soul 2 is also the successor to all those specialties.

In addition, the company will also launch two equally attractive products, the Aion 2 (gMO) and Project TL, also scheduled next year.