BioWare announces development of Anthem NEXT completely

BioWare announces development of Anthem NEXT completely


Today, BioWare Austin’s director, Christian Dailey, announced that it would stop further development Anthem, the project they named Anthem NEXT.

“I know this is disappointing news for the fans Anthemwho are looking forward to seeing new improvements. This news is equally disappointing to the talented development team that has done a good job over the years. Anthem led me to BioWare, and these two have been the most challenging but precious years of my career. ” – Written by Dailey.

The game came out in 2019, when BioWare tried to pursue the series’ success DestinyHowever, the game was badly criticized, causing the company to change direction and tried to rebuild the game from scratch (like No Man’s Sky so), with the name Anthem NEXT.

On his blog, Dailey also blamed the complicated epidemic for the company’s employees to work remotely, resulting in the work progress not meeting EA’s goals.

However, he reassured that in the near future the servers would still be active, and the game would still function as it is.