4 things gamers expect to appear in the Elden Ring

4 things gamers expect to appear in the Elden Ring


After watching all the supposed Elden Ring trailers, gamers as well as the author wish Elden Ring would have the following 5 things to be able to bring the best experience after years of waiting.

1. Smooth combat system like Sekiro and has a variety of SoulsBorne series

I do not dare to claim myself as a hard fan of From Software games because most of the time, I only finished the game about 4 times to get the Platium trophy and then go to another game. But when I heard that Elden Ring is the perfect combination of Sekiro with SoulsBorne series titles I couldn’t help but goosebumps. If you’ve ever played through the series of games about the best single-player lang, you will know how great the game’s fighting mechanics are. From the parry frame, the hitbox of the game was done very carefully by From Software, combined with the beautiful attacks of some enemies in the game, bringing extremely satisfying combat battles for gamers. However, according to some rumors, Sekiro is just a small split from the Elden Ring. So after watching the leaked trailers, I hope that Sekiro’s combat mechanics will return in this game, but instead of focusing on Katana and some Prosthetic Tools, the game will have a lot of weapons and skills. and various spells for you to explore.

2. A deep storyline with no bottom

I honestly prefer the plot of Dark Souls and Bloodborne to Sekiro because they have many secrets that need to be uncovered. Up to today, although there have been many theories laid out for the plot of the aforementioned games, no one dares to be sure that their hypothesis is 100% correct, nor is anyone sure about What we do in Dark Souls is good or evil. Because of the ambiguity in that plot, the game has kept many gamers so that they can grop for hours in dangerous dark corners to find out the secrets that seemed to be burned by raw flames. long.


How will a combined game of DS, BB and Sekiro like Elden Ring be going to work?

3. Adding more skills to the gameplay

In Dark Souls 3, we were exposed to a new skill system called Arts but that was not enough for many other gamers in the world (this is because many people want it, but I use it myself. R1 buttons tighten a few times and then run, so I never use anything great). They wish that in addition to the new character builds, there will be more special skills that are more useful for the character classes in the game so that they will have more options in PVP and PVE.

4. George RR Martin will leave his mark

Knowing that Mr. Martin would write for the story in Elden Ring, many gamers wished that Elden Riing would have many turning points in the plot, there would be more sacrifices and losses in the quest to find the ancient ring.

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