4 hit points “you can miss!


Trailer Final Fantasy XVI – During the PS5 Showcase event of Sony, fans Final Fantasy has been a “gasp” with Final Fantasy XVI trailer.

In just 4 minutes, the trailer showed the scene and the combat system of the next version in this famous game series.

Here Vietgame.asia will “dissect” and analyze more deeply about this trailer that you may have missed the hidden messages inside.


The most recognizable thing for fans of the past series Final Fantasy XVI trailer is the context no longer skyscrapers, “super cities” or at least modern technologies like cars or phones anymore, but return to the “roots” with a medieval context.

More specifically, through the costumes and voices of the characters, the game will be more inspired by the feudal period in England.

This is indeed good news for fans of games Final Fantasy “Neck” first Final Fantasy VII, or Final Fantasy IX.

Over the years, a part of fans have been “screaming” for Square Enix to create a game “back to its roots” after successive high-tech versions, and this is probably the “not yet.” Forget the firm’s “sharp” origin.

The plot of the game will largely revolve around the “Mother Crystals”.

According to the brief dialogue in the trailer, perhaps each kingdom will own a Mother Crystal, and fight for the opponent’s Mother Crystal.

If they lose this Mother Crystal, the kingdom will be invaded by an epidemic, so they must protect their jewel at all costs.

Notably, in previous titles, Square Enix only released one or two summoned deities in the final trailers just before its release, but only in this opening trailer there was a rough count … 4 taste: Shiva, Titan, Phoenix and Ifrit.

Therefore, it can be said that the gods, or “Eikon”, will play a huge role in the plot.


Saying back to the roots, but perhaps Square Enix realized that with such a surreal graphics, the characters … waiting to finish waiting to slash, then back to wait, was somewhat … unsightly. !

Therefore, it is easy to understand that they chose real-time action fighting style as the fighting mechanism.

In fact, with what has been shown in the trailer, the combat will be pure action like Final Fantasy XV, not a “hybrid” mechanism between turn-based and action like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

According to the author’s research, at the beginning of January this year, Ryota Suzuki, the designer of Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen joined Square Enix’s 3rd Commercial Division to make “an AAA game”, and we can say it was Final Fantasy XVI.

Therefore, it will not be strange if the fans see a bit of a “already-handed” slash Devil May Cry 5 in this game both.


Although only a brief demonstration of combat, but if you look closely, fans can fully imagine the strength of the main character.

The easiest thing to see is probably magic, when we see clearly this guy shoots fire magic at the scary Malboro!

In such a way that the player can “spam” such spells, magic here will probably be used freely as long as the player has MP, instead of having to “cast” out like Final Fantasy XV, Or wait for the ATB bar to react like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Next, we can see that during the battle with the Dragoon, the protagonist summons a phoenix-like entity.

Another scene, while fighting a Troll (?), The guy calls out a green claw, which in the world of Final Fantasy then this is the symbol of the wind god Garuda.

And in the final scene, when he summoned a golden arm to punch and punch the enemy, fans immediately looked at the Titan’s arm.

As such, it is possible that the main character will be able to “borrow” a small portion of the power of the gods and bring them to battle, possibly to increase the stats or attack an opponent with a more elemental element. of that god.

Until now, the characters in the line Final Fantasy also borrowed the power of a god, but borrowed in a way … “hundred percent”, they called out to me and then used some great “dragon and earth” technique … go away, so borrowing a small portion of the power This is quite interesting.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer


When watching the live trailer of Sony’s PS5 Showcase event, the writer was really “shocked”, not only because it was an unexpected trailer, but because of the unprecedented “blood and fire” level for a game in the mainstream. of the Final Fantasy.

In just 4 short minutes, Final Fantasy XVI trailer has shown us more blood than the whole… the previous 15 versions combined!

In the beginning, when a large rock fell to crush a character, it was clear that this person exploded into a mist of blood.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer

When the main character “fights” with each other with the goblins or the Dragoon knight, each slash and the character’s sword is also dyed red.

The most brutal is the “red watering” scene in poor boy Joshua’s face, or the scene where Ifrit smashes his claws down and splashes a large chunk of blood.

With this level of “blood fire”, almost certainly Final Fantasy XVI will be rated M (17+), marking the first mainstream game to receive this rating and the title Final Fantasy second, after Final Fantasy Type-0.

You may have missed the above mentioned while enjoying this spectacular trailer from Square Enix.

Perhaps, we’ll have to wait quite a while to learn more about it Final Fantasy XVI, because this company has a habit of launching “tease goods” and then silent … a few years.