2 errors you may encounter after buying PlayStation 5

2 errors you may encounter after buying PlayStation 5


With the PlayStation 5 coming to Vietnam with a very attractive 14,490,000 price, many gamers will quickly buy the device, but be careful with the two problems that PS5 machines often encounter.

1. Analog drift

DualSense hands are questioned about durability

Even though there is already a star-shining mirror in the sky is the Joy-con floating bug that Nintendo Switch often encounters. But perhaps Sony didn’t learn from its competitors and made matters a lot worse. After the machine went on sale, many gamers kept complaining about their DualSense controller being drifted after a short period of use. Things got even worse after iFixit, a well-known hardware review website, announced that the life of these Analog sticks was quite short. Specifically, these two rods will fly color after 2,000,000 turns, R3 and L3 buttons are worse after 500,000 combat phases, they will say goodbye to gamers. To make it easier to understand if you play for 3 hours a day the DualSense controller will only be able to be with you for 5 months of use. This is an extremely short period of time compared to its predecessors. It is not clear whether Sony Vietnam has warranty for these issues with PlayStation 5? Because otherwise the cost of repairing the handle is more than the machine.

2. Disc jam


To stand very nice but the disc is jammed

One of the most common PlayStation 5 problems during this time is that the machine often gets stuck in the process of using, especially this problem appears frequently for gamers who leave the device standing. In case there is a slight problem, gamers just need to turn off the computer, then put the PS5 horizontally and you can remove the disc. But in the worse case you need to bring the device to the technician so they can check and fix it for you. According to the initial comments, this problem comes from the lubrication on the bottom of the PS5, if the lubrication is dry, it will cause the machine to have difficulty ejecting the disc and make a rattling noise.

If Sony Vietnam can come up with a way to solve the two problems above of the PlayStation 5, it must be said that the price of 14,490,000 for such a fully protected version is an exaggeration.